Lush Haul

Hello everyone, welcome to Liee’s corner! I hope you all had a lovely week! I thought I would start out my blog with a classic Lush haul (the title pretty much gave it away, didn’t it?!) I thought it would be nice to show you what I got during my recent trip over there.

For those who aren’t familiar with Lush, it is a store that sells handmade and vegetarian body care products, going from bath bombs, to shower gels, and also to makeup and face masks! I really do enjoy going to Lush as I looove their products! They are my go to when I take a bath!


One of my favorite products from Lush are their bath bombs. They make your bath look, smell and feel amazing. So I always make sure to pick some up when I go! I like the way they fizz up and they have some amazing smells over at Lush.


So the first one I picked up is Never mind the ballistics. It smells of citrus’ and also has a layer of oil on the top which makes it very moisturizing. I have a hard time with finding the motivation to moisturize my skin, so I like to get good bath products that can help me with that and make my skin feel nice.


The next one I got is the Avobath. It smells quite fresh as it has hints of lemongrass, but is also super moisturizing because of the avocado and olive oil it contains. I find its freshness makes for quite the “pick me up” bath, perfect for a little energy boost.


This one here is the Blackberry one. It smells of berries, so it is indeed quite sweet. You will notice that I usually go for either citrusy or sweet smells, as I’m not a big fan of spicy and floral ones. I am sorry the color is a little off on the picture. In reality, the bath bomb is a lovely purple color with hints of pink and blue. I should imagine it turns your bath water an amazing color!


This big one here is the Dragon’s egg. It has little confetti sticking out of it, so I can imagine that it will create quite the show in my bathtub when I use it! It, once again, smells quite like citrus, and I can’t wait to see what happens when I will plop it in my bath!


The last bath bomb I picked up is Butterball. It is smaller than the other ones and smells like vanilla and cocoa butter. It is said to be really moisturizing and I can imagine myself having a really good sleep after using it, all cuddled up in my blankets. It just smells so comforting…

Bubble Bars

I also picked up two bubble bars because I do enjoy s bath full of bubbles. It makes it feel more luxurious and I like being covered up by them.


The first one I decided to buy was the Lady bug. First of all, it was really cute and second of all, I really liked the smell. It is a mixture between sweet and minty. I’d never thought of mixing those two frangrances, but I found that I quite enjoyed it!


The second, and last one, is the Creamy candy bubble bar. It smells amazing. The name says it all, really. It smells of marshmallows and candy. I think some of you would find it to be too sweet, but I really like sweet smells. It is really moisturizing because it contains almond oil and cocoa butter, I guess that is where the creamy part of its name comes from! I can’t wait to see how amazing my skin will feel after soiking in the bath!

Bath Oils

The last things I got were bath oils. They are basically little confections full of moisturizing ingredients that you drop at the bottom of your bath and that dissolve, leaving your bath water so incredibly smooth and silky.


The first one I picked up is called Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment. I have to say, it does smell a lot like marshmallows and candy. It carries, once again, that super sweet scent. I just love it! It has a little bit of sparkles on it, which I can’t say I’ma fan of… They look amazing on the bath products, but not in by bathtub once I empty the water out… But I decided to make an exception regarding my “No glitter” rule that I usually set myself. It smelled so nice I couldn’t resist!


Finally, the last thing I picked up was the You’ve been mangoed bath oil. I decided to pick up a fresh and citrusy one as a contrast to the very sweet one I had already decided to buy. It has avocado and lemongrass in it, which is probably why it smells a little like the Avobath bath bomb that I talked to you about earlier. I bet the two mixed together would make for a perfect bath, leaving your skin super duper smooth!

Anyways, that is it for my Lush haul. I hoped you enjoyed seeing what I got, I know I always like to look at other people’s purchases to inspire myself! Thank you so much for reading, it really means a lot to me. Don’t forget to like and share if ever you did enjoy this and if ever you have feedback or suggestions for future posts, please leave a comment. You can always follow me on my social media accounts that are linked on the top right hand side or on the bottom, depending on if you are reading this on a computer or a mobile device ! I will be back next Sunday with a new blog post!

See you soon,

Liee xx

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