Lost in the Woods

Hello everybody, welcome back to Liee’s Corner. Today, I will be writing about my little summer getaway. As I am in school most of the year and working the rest, I really do like to go on little getaways where I can relax and see new things.


When summer came around this year, I knew I wanted to plan a little escape since I had had a super big school year. I thought about different kind of experiences, such as booking a hotel, going to the spa, traveling abroad, etc. All very interesting, but not what I ended up doing. One day, whilst browsing around on the Airbnb app, I found this cute little cabin in the woods. I instantly knew this was the kind of getaway I wanted. I continued to look around other Airbnb places that were similar, and that is when I stumbled across the one I finally rented. I had never rented anything through Airbnb, and I was really happy with the experience. The people I rented from were very nice and the website/app make it very easy! I would do it again!


It was this cute place, a little over two hours from where I live. The place is in the woods, has a burner to cook food on, a little lamp powered by solar energy and also is equipped with everything you need to cook. It doesn’t have running water, but they provide you with a big container filled with water to cook and do the dishes. They also have a mattress and pillows. They also have canoes, paddle boats and a paddle board on site. They also had life jackets for us to take if we wanted to go out on the water.


We had to bring our own sheets, pillow cases and towels. We also needed to bring our food in a cooler because there was no fridge to keep it cool. We also needed to bring our bottled water to drink.


The drive was pretty scenic. A lot of mountains and trees, very green. We had to drive up a dirt road to get to our parking space, where two little carts awaited. We transferred our luggage from the boot of the car to the little carts and then walked down the dirt path that lead to our cabin. I’m really not the most agile person and so, it was quite the descent! I took about 5 minutes to get to the cabin. Here is the cabin from the outside.





Once we got there, we decided to bring our bags inside before going to explore the grounds outside. The view from our balcony was really nice and the inside was also very cute. It was exactly what I was looking for!





We spent the rest of the afternoon outside, exploring the grounds and taking advantage of the paddle boats to explore further on the lake.


Once it got dark, we went out and started a fire. It was so relaxing to just sit outside being warmed by the fire. We also had smores and


roasted marshmallows (of course!)



Before going up to bed, we went by the lake and took a few minutes to just sit there and look up at the stars. Since it we were pretty far out, we could see so many, it was just so nice and relaxing. I absolutely love looking at the stars!


The second day was pretty much like the first one, once again, very relaxing. We cooked up a wonderful breakfast to start the day off happily. We also went out on the lake again, read by the water, basically, enjoyed being out in the sun. We sat by the water, talked, relaxed, sat around the fire, etc.






Finally, on our third morning, we got up, had breakfast and then proceeded to clean up the little cabin. We swept, washed and put away the dishes and put everything back as it was so that the next guests could enjoy the place like we did. We then packed up, and by noon (check-out time) we were out and in the car, ready to leave.


We were only there for two nights, but it felt really nice to be away from home. There was no electricity, no wifi and no signal, it was so refreshing to be out in the woods without internet or screens. I really enjoyed my stay at the cabin. The owners were very nice and were present if ever we had any questions. We didn’t have any problems booking through Airbnb with them.


Anyways, I think this sums it up pretty much. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, if so, don’t forget to share and like. I would love to hear in the comments what you guys have been up to this summer?! You can always find me on my social media, they are linked on here!


See you soon,


Liee xx

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