Mon Biscuit Edible Cookie Dough

Hi everyone welcome back to Liee’s corner! Today, I thought I would surprise you guys with a new post! Don’t worry, my usual Sunday morning post will also be going up!!

So, recently, I went to this pop-up shop called Mon Biscuit. It is a shop that sells cookie dough as if it was ice cream! It is safe to eat as they make it with pasteurized eggs, and heat treated flour. You can either have it in a cone, in a bowl, or have a cookie dough ice cream sandwich! They also sell little milk “shooters” to help with the sweetness.

When I saw that shop on Facebook, I immediately thought of my boyfriend who is basically obsessed with cookie dough. I had also never been to that kind of shop, so I thought I would bring him along and give it a try.


The shop itself was very cute. It has sprinkles on the floor and really pops out with all of its flashy colors. The cups are simple, but cute, and the staff was amazing. When I went, they had 5 flavors available : chocolate chip, red velvet, chocolate mint, cookie monster and smore’s. They were marked as weekly flavors, so I guess they change every week!

It was a very lovely dessert. The dough itself was very sweet, so I had to eat mine really slowly and take little breaks.I liked the texture. It was a little more on the dry side rather than really gooey and sticky. Don’t get me wrong, it was still gooey enough! I thought it was a really good consistency/texture! It was my first time eating a bowl of cookie dough, and I can see why people really enjoy it! They all had a similar texture, except for the red velvet one that was really liquid compared to the others. I much prefer the dryer ones because they aren’t so sticky and hold up better.

I was a little bit disappointed because, for the smore’s one, I pretty much only had pieces of graham cookie and marshmallow (basically what made it a smore’s cookie dough) on the top. Once I dug in, it was pretty much only chocolate pieces. It was still an interesting flavor though!

I was happily surprised by the chocolate and mint one. It was green and had pieces of chocolate in it. I’m not usually the biggest fan of that flavor, but I must say, for cookie dough, they really nailed the mint flavor, which I can see to be a difficult task in a cookie dough.

As I said earlier, the red velvet one was a little bit runny. That is my only complaint about it though. It was colored red and had white chocolate chips in it and I really liked the taste of it.

The sugar cookie one was delicious as well, not too sweet. Even though sugar cookie dough is pretty plain usually, they lightened it up with two different kind of colored sprinkles. I think it was one of my favorites!

Finally, there was the classic chocolate chip one. I found it to be a little too sweet with it filled with milk chocolate chips, I would recommend mixing them up with semi-sweet chocolate chips as well, so that they don’t have to take out too much sugar from the recipe (thus modifying the texture) but still reducing the sweetness.

The only thing is that it’s a bit on the pricey side. Now it is understandable as it is a new business, and it also doesn’t have a lot of competition on the market over here, so they can afford to up the prices a little I guess…

All in all, I had a really nice time and enjoyed my experience. I found the shop to be really attentive to it’s clients. They are really open to constructive criticism and try hard to improve their product all the time. They are also very responsive on social media. I can’t wait to see what else they are going to come out with, I wish them the best of luck!!

I think that puts an end to my post. Thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to like and follow if you have enjoyed it! If ever you have any feedback, I would love it if you left a comment also! All my social media is linked down below, and I will see you on Sunday with a new post!

See you soon,

Liee xx

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