My Back to School Essentials

Hi guys! Welcome back to Liee’s Corner! I hope you all had a lovely week. Since it’s already nearly the end of August (wait, what?!) I thought I would write a post about my back to school essentials. Let’s get right into it!

My first essential is a good agenda. I like to get a nice agenda at the beginning of the school year. I stay organized by writing down all my work shifts, my homework, my exams, etc. I usually prefer one that is separated weekly, where I have enough space to write down multiple things every day. The one I bought this year was from Indigo and it is separated weekly, but also has a monthly views of August 2017 until December 2018 at the beginning. I thought it was a nice touch as monthly layouts are practical to write down birthdays and/or to have a good idea of what lies ahead.

I also do quite like to get some nice colorful pens to write in my agenda. I like to separate my different tasks with different colors. Alongside with the pens, I also like to get colorful post its to be even more organized. I usually use them in my notebooks or textbooks rather than my agenda though. They are practical for studying.

The last thing I get to help with organization is get a file holder (is that how you call it?!) It is basically a folder that is separated into different sections. I like to have one because I can carry loose paper in it and also, instead of bringing home my whole binder, I can just bring the parts I need. It makes my bag less heavy! Since it has different compartments, I can separate my homework depending on which class it is for.

The next thing on my list, of course, are notebooks. Now, I know some people like to take notes on their laptops or tablets, but when it comes to school, I’m much more of a pen and paper kind of girl! I prefer reading my notes on paper when I study, and also, my computer is quite bulky and the battery isn’t the best, so I find it simpler to just bring a few notebooks.

Another thing I like to bring to school is a little pouch filled with different bits and bobs. I usually keep hair ties and bobby pins in it, just in case mine break or I lose them during the day. I also bring product to clean my glasses (because nothing is more distracting that a massive spot on your lens when you are trying to concentrate on reading or something), lip balm and hand cream, I mostly use those during winter time. Finally, I keep my pads and tampons in there, some deodorant (that is very useful after gym class!) and some loose change just in case I forget my lunch, or anything really, and need money to get something.

The two last things on my list are a pair of headphones and a travel mug for my tea! I really enjoy listening to music on my way to school. I do have quite the ride, so it makes it more enjoyable. I also like to listen to music when I study at school, it cancels out a little of the noise and it also helps me concentrate. I usually put piano or stuff like that, because when I listen to actual songs with words, it has the opposite effect and I just start singing in my head haha. As for the travel mug, I enjoy having some warm tea, usually from David’s Tea, in the mornings, especially when I start at 8. Even in September, it can get quite chilly in the mornings (I leave at 6:45 AM when I start at 8) so it’s nice to have a warm drink with me.

Here you go, those are my back to school essentials!


Thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to like and follow the blog if you’ve enjoyed it! I would love to hear what are your school essentials down below in the comment section! Also, my social media is linked down below, go give them a follow to get updates! I will be back next Sunday with another post!

See you soon,

Liee xx

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