Meet my Guinea Pig Friends

Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything is well! For today's post, I thought I would talk to you about the two little bundles of joy that live with me, aka, my guinea pigs. When I was younger, my sister had a guinea pig called Poochy, a little caramel and white female abyssinian. I... Continue Reading →

Bath and Body Works Haul

Hi everybody! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a lovely week. This week, though I was quite busy, I took the time to stop at Bath and Body Works, they had amazing sales on and I just couldn't resist! I got quite a few things, so I thought I would show you them! Candles... Continue Reading →

Relaxing Morning at Mount-Royal

Hey guys! Welcome back to Liee's Corner! How was your week? Mine was pretty busy between school and work, but hey, I made it to the weekend! Earlier this week, I took advantage of my day off to go explore Mount-Royal with my friend. Even though I live quite close, I had never really been... Continue Reading →

My Prom Experience

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a lovely week! Today, I thought I would share my prom and graduation experience with you guys. First of all, I graduated high school last year, in June. I was pretty sick of high school so let's say I was more than excited at the prospect of walking... Continue Reading →

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