My Prom Experience

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a lovely week! Today, I thought I would share my prom and graduation experience with you guys. First of all, I graduated high school last year, in June. I was pretty sick of high school so let’s say I was more than excited at the prospect of walking across the stage, getting my diploma, dressing up for prom and never going back there. Now, I am exaggerating a little bit, I met a few people in high school that I wouldn’t exchange for anything, still to this day, and I had some excellent teachers that I now miss when I go to certain classes where the teacher isn’t the best…

I started shopping for my dress around march break. Now, I know that may sound late for some of you, but I wasn’t too stressed out about it. I looked around a few shops in town, but I am pretty short and have the smallest waist ever, so it was pretty difficult for me to find something that was suitable. I knew I wanted a long and dark dress, and I also knew I absolutely did not want something puffy. My sister and my mom came along, and we also looked for dresses for my sister, as she was graduating from university. I didn’t try anything on, until we stopped by a shopping center closer to my house, on the way back, and then my mom decided it was time for me to at least try something on. And so I did. And ended up buying the only dress I tried on. I got it at Le Château (I had to get it shortened even though I had heals to go with my dress…) here is me trying it on in the store :


I also got a few accessories, a couple of weeks later, to go with the dress. The little clutch is from Forever 21 and the necklace and earrings from Claire’s and the shoes are from The Bay 




Fast fowarding to the day before prom. I had my friend over at my place and we did a test run for my hair. I did not go to the hair salon, I did not get my nails done, neither did I go get my makeup done, I kept it really simple. I just asked my friend, who is really good with hair and all to do my hair. The practice run went well, we worked out what we could do to make it better and left it at that.

The next morning, so my actual prom day, we got up around 9, not too early, not too late, had our breakfast and got to work on my hair. (I was mostly just sitting there, my friend did all the work really) I put my daily makeup on (basically winged eye liner) and then put on my dress and accessories.  We went out to get picture close by, before I had to leave to pick up my boyfriend and then we went back to get shots of the both of us.






We then left for prom. Mine was organized on a boat. The departure was around 6:30 I believe, but we got there earlier to take pictures with other friends and also to make sure we’d make it even if there was traffic and all. We didn’t have a proper meal, but we had a fair amount of food between snacks and appetizers. We also were allowed two free drinks. We were done with food by the time the sun started to set, so I went out with my boyfriend to watch it for a little while. It was a little cold, but so beautiful that it was worth it.


As I’m not really a party person, I spent most of my time inside, chatting with my friends, enjoying the view and the night. On the deck, there was loud music and plenty of people dancing. We got off the boat around 10:30 and headed back home to change. I then went to an after prom party at one of my class mates’ house.

I think that pretty much sums up my prom experience. I had a lot of fun and it was really nice to have it on a boat. And, of course, it’s always fun to dress up a little! How was your prom? Comment down below, I would love to read about it! I really hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget to comment , like and share if ever you found it interesting or have feedback! You can always find me on Instagram and on Twitter. I will see you next week with another post! Thank you for stopping by, don’t forget to follow for more posts!

Lots of love,

Liee xx

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