Meet my Guinea Pig Friends

Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything is well! For today’s post, I thought I would talk to you about the two little bundles of joy that live with me, aka, my guinea pigs.

When I was younger, my sister had a guinea pig called Poochy, a little caramel and white female abyssinian. I spent a lot of time with the guinea pig even though she wasn’t mine. After a while, she got bored of it and decided to pass her on to me, as I was spending most of my time with her. My sister made things really official like and wrote up and adoption certificate, which I had to sign and all, to make sure that once I adopted Poochy, my sister would no longer be responsible for the pig. Now, we were pretty young, so as my parents helped a lot, my sister didn’t have thaaat many responsibilities, but still. After adopting the guinea pig, I continued to love her and care for her, with the help of my parents of course, and I guess that is how my love for these little furry friends started.

Eventually, Poochy passed away, and I was really sad. After a while, I started asking my parents for another pig, but the answer was always no. In between, I got a bird, my fair share of fishes and even a mouse. But they never budged regarding the guinea pig. They said it was a lot of work and that when I grow up, they would have to be the ones taking care of the pig while I was away and all. Finally, in August 2016, my dad said yes. As my parents are divorced, I didn’t need to convince my mother afterwards. I was so excited, within 3 days, I had researched a lot of guinea pig care, food, supplies, etc. I had also bought the cage, toys, the bedding and the food. All that was missing was the guinea pigs.

On august 12th, I finally got to bring home my little piglets. The one on the left is called Luna and the other one is named Clara.

They stay in my room, and suprisingly, aren’t too noisy. They were tiny when I got them, but of course, since then, they grew a lot. At first, they were extremely shy and wouldn’t come out of their hiding place, not even for vegetables or fruit. After a few days, they started to explore more and more. I noticed, when there wasn’t too much noise, that I could hear the breathe a lot and they both seemed quite congested. I read up on it online and was really scared it was a respiratory infection, so I brought them both straight away to the vets. Finally, they were fine, the only thing was, they were allergic to the dust that was produced by their bedding (that was wood shavings). Since then, I get the paper bedding.

Luna is my little white faced guinea pig. She is a lot more reserved than Clara. She loves to chew on each and everything she can find and loves apples and hay. She doesn’t like being touched a lot and prefers just resting on my lap whilst eating fruit rather than being held. During floor time, she likes to explore around and stay out for long periods of time. She doesn’t show much interest when you put your hand in the cage, she will sniff it and leave.

Clara is a lot more outgoing. She loves to squeak around and absolutely loves to eat. She doesn’t really care what it is, as long as she can eat it. She doesn’t mind being pet and is more of a home body. She will come out for floor time, but will go back to her cage not too long after, sometimes she just goes in and out again and again. When you go up to her in the cage, she likes to lick the fingers.

I feed them Oxbow pellets and they always have timothy hay in their rack. They get their pellets in the morning and everyday around dinner time, they get their bowl of veggies. Sometimes I will put some bell peppers, little amounts of cucumbers or carrots, but usually they get leafy greens, such as parsley, spinach, kale and lettuce. I try to mix it up a little everyday. Of course, they have a water bottle that is never empty. I try to spotcheck their cage every day or every other day just to make sure they have a clean living space, and then I clean out the cage completely around once a week, but sometimes I find myself really busy and can go a little over that.. Finally, they get floor time pretty often, I open their cage and they go in and out as they want. I set up a little play pen around it to make sure that they stay in a safe area and don’t run away too far. I don’t give them fruit too often as it is pretty sweet, but when they get it, it is usually during floor time.

Anyways, this is pretty much it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did, don’t forget to like and share this! If ever you have questions or you just want to voice your opinion, please feel free to leave a comment down below, I would love to get feedback! Don’t forget you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I will see you next week with another post! Thank you so much for reading xx

Liee xx

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