A Night Out At the Botanical Garden

Hi guys! Welcome back to Liee’s Corner! It is officially fall! Can you believe it?! To me, fall screams Montreal’s Botanical Garden. Even though I’ve been many times during my childhood, I still enjoy going to see the Gardens of Lights. It never gets old!

Basically, it is a path way filled with different decorations that pop-out when it’s dark, because they light up. They are all really well made. Of course, around most of them, there is a little crowd filled with kids and adults taking photos and taking in their beauty.

They have three different gardens to visit. The first one is the Chinese garden. It is the one where there are the most decorations that light up. There are also plenty of little lanterns at the entrance as you can see on the first photo. Once you go through the arch, it really isn’t long before you are met with a beautiful dragon. Then, a little later, you go into a building that is a little like a garden. You can see the birds that are on the photo right under this paragraph. There a plenty of little plants also.

They also have different sections filled with plants and bonsai trees. You can see some that are over 70 years old. They also are all identified, you can see how old they are and also where they came from. I found it really interesting !

One of the prettiest sights has to be this massive dragon on the lake. You can see a typical Asian looking building in the background, that blends in really well with the Chinese themed garden, as well as a giant dragon with it’s reflection on the water. Of course it is one of the most crowded places. Many people stand by the water and take pictures, of themselves, and also of the view. It is a good spot for selfies haha. The path goes around the lake, and it is super pretty from every angle!

The next garden is the First Nation one. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but they have a little exposition where you can see different items they used and all. They have these boards with more information on them, and for the background, they put different things between glass, such as cranberries and branches. I found it really original and the effect it gives is really nice! Also, they have this little show on a tree. I think it represents the cycle of life, at first you can see it come to life and hear his heartbeat, then it grows, flourishes nicely and finally, it burns down and dies. Then, it starts all over again.

That brings us to the last garden, the Japanese garden. The main attraction is a kind of museum where you can see different pictures of Japan. There is a Zen Garden and also a tea garden that is really cute, though you can’t go in it. There was a room where people were playing, what I would believe was traditional Japanese music. It was nice! There are lotus’ also, but you can’t really see it at night, so it would be better to go to that garden during the day! When we went, there were employees in that garden selling tea and cookies, for anyone that felt the need for a little snack!

That is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it! If ever you have a chance to go visit your local garden, please do! It is so nice to just roam around through trees and plants. There is just something so relaxing about nature. If you enjoyed today’s post, please give it a like, I also love reading comments, and if you want to see more like this, don’t forget to click the follow button! You can follow it either via email or the wordpress platform. My social media accounts are also libked down below if ever you want to go check them out. Thank you so much for reading, I will see you next Sunday, I hope you all have the best week! Oh, and also, happy thanks giving!

See you soon,
Liee xx

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