Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi guys! It’s December! Do you know what that means?! CHRISTMAS! If any of you know me well, you will know how much I like Christmas time! So I’m taking advantage of this first Sunday of December to talk about Christmas! To me, one of the best parts of Christmas is giving gifts. I love seeing people’s faces when they open it, and also wrapping them and all! The thing is I am also familiar with the stress that comes with not really knowing what to give to the people around you. This year, I wanted to be organised and get things done before December. Honestly, I’m not completely done, but I’ve been pretty productive! So I thought I would share with you a couple of my present ideas, hopefully they can help a few of you 🙂 .

  1. A cosy blanket – I like the ones from Indigo! They are very soft and come nicely packaged.
  2. Christmas pyjamas – make sure to check out the ones from Reitmans, I find the quite cute! I have a pair with a penguin and red bottoms. I love it!
  3. Reading socks – You can also find these at Indigo!
  4. Tea from David’s TeaIf ever you don’t know what kinds to get, I wrote a post on my favorite teas earlier this year! Or you can browse the holiday collection on the website!)
  5. Cooking books – There are so many different types of books out there. I feel like sometimes we fall into the habit of cooking and can get quite bored of our usual recipes, so this is a nice way to shake it up a little! And hey, everybody needs to eat, no?
  6. Desserts – last year I made a ton of treats (there are many interesting recipes on Pinterest!) for all of my family and friends, from cookie cups to truffles! It’s a nice homemade gift I find, and it’s fun to get together with others and get baking!
  7. Chocolates – this is a little bit of a simpler gift, but sometimes it’s nice as a thank you. And hey, who doesn’t like chocolate???
  8. A little getaway – Let’s face it, most of us work pretty hard throughout the whole year. A little getaway could be the perfect way to disconnect and just relax. It is a nice surprise when someone plans a weekend away (it doesn’t have to be very far!) in a chalet or a hotel. It could also be the promise of a little getaway later on during the year.
  9. A massage or a trip to the spa – to continue on with what I was saying earlier, the end of the year can be quite stressful, so it’s nice to take a moment to relax and spend quality time with you friends, family or partner.
  10. Jewelry – Let’s face it, most girls will admit that they like getting jewelry. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but sometimes just a little piece of jewelry that reminds you of that person can be a thoughtful gift.
  11. A watch – There are some really nice watches out there that can help put together an outfit.
  12. Tickets to a concert or a show – It can be a nice activity to bring someone out and go see a concert, a ballet or a comedy show. Especially if you know that one of the person’s favorite artist is coming to town!
  13. Bath and Body Works Candles – I love Bath and Body Works candles. The only thing is that they are quite pricey, so it is fun to receive them as gifts. They make my home smell amazing and last for quite a while! (I also did a haul featuring a few products that I like!)
  14. Lush products – Nothing is more comforting than a warm bath when it is cold outside! I love making mine a little more exciting with some Lush bath products. (I also did a Lush haul this summer!)
  15. A nice meal out – I think quality time is one of the best gift ever. We are so busy that we sometimes let that go a little, but honestly a nice catch up is so good!

Anyways, that is it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired a few of you! I can’t wait to be off for Christmas and have time to celebrate! Don’t forget to like and follow if you have enjoyed it! If ever you have any more ideas, leave them in the comments. I wish you all a lovely week!!

See you soon,

Liee xx

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