Cheesy Vegetarian Quesadillas

Hello everybody! For today's post, I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes. When I started this blog, I had the intention of sharing many recipes with you, but never got around to it. So here I am, finally sitting down and sharing a recipe with you. Recently, I've decided to start cooking... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Accomplishment

Hello everybody! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a nice week. I know I did! It was my last week off from school, sadly. Although it was my last week off, it probably was my most productive. This week, I got a head start on writing posts for my blog, since when I'm in... Continue Reading →

My 2018 Goals

Good morning guys! Happy sunday! I hope you all had a start to the year. As it is already 2018, thought I would share with you my 2018 goals. I know most of the time, we set 10000 goals and resolutions and we pretty much never follow through. I still like to take advantage of... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2017!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post of the year. I would like to start by wishing you all a wonderful year! I really do hope this year will be the best year you've ever had and that the things you've worked hard for pay off! This year was a big year for me, so... Continue Reading →

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