My High School Experience

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Liee's Corner. These past few days, I've been reminiscing a little and thinking back on my high school years. I've been out of high school for nearly two years, but as a 19 year old, I'd say that those 5 years are a massive part of my life. That being... Continue Reading →

Why I Started Blogging

Hello everyone! I'm back this Sunday with a little more personal post. I thought it would be interesting to share why I started blogging and all. Let's dive right into it! First of all, I've always been a nosy person. I love watching daily vlogs (more than "main channel videos" such as challenges and tags)... Continue Reading →

Throwback : Ranch

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Liee's Corner. Today's post is another Throwback one, but it's a little different. It isn't about a trip, but rather a place that has been a big part of my life for four years : The ranch. When I was younger, I used to horseback ride. I fell in love... Continue Reading →

The Cat Cafe

Hi everybody! I hope all is good! This week, I got to visit a lovely cafe near where I live. It is an amazing concept where a little under ten cats roam freely in a cafe. When you come in, they assign you a table and hand you out a menu. All their dishes are... Continue Reading →

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