The Cat Cafe

Hi everybody! I hope all is good! This week, I got to visit a lovely cafe near where I live. It is an amazing concept where a little under ten cats roam freely in a cafe.

When you come in, they assign you a table and hand you out a menu. All their dishes are vegetarian! I’ll insist on the fact that it is a cafe rather than a restaurant. That being said, they do have meal options, but not like big fancy ones. They offer salads, sandwiches, a vegetarian chili and a few desserts. I had the classic grilled that comes with a very nice salad and my boyfriend who went with me got the vegetarian chili. Both meals were very good! We also shared a brownie, which was as big as a muffin and topped with pecans and salted caramel. It was absolutely amazing. I’m glad we shared it though, because I couldn’t have eaten it all by myself! They do mention on the menu that a pourcentage of the prices are to take care of the cats. We must not forget that caring for about 10 cats must be quite pricey in the end!

Once we ordered, the waitress came back with a brochure that allowed us to get to know the cats a little bit better. It had a photo of the cats with their name, their birthday, a little description of their personality and where they came from. All of the cats have been rescued from pet shelters or veterinary hospitals, which makes me happy, because they get a new home and we get to enjoy their company!

They treat their cats really well. When you arrive, they have a set of rules that you must follow to ensure your well being as well as the cats’. First of all, you aren’t allowed to bother a cat that is sleeping or eating. Also, they make sure young kids are supervised when interacting with the cats. You can’t use the flash while taking pictures of the cats nor can you pick them up and set them on your lap. You are allowed to pet them and also play with them if they are in the mood. They have plenty of toys at the cash register for people that want to play with the cats. They do discourage playing with your hands because that could lead to you being hurt.

All in all, I had a really nice time. It is the perfect place for people like me who love animals but can’t have cats at home! The staff was nice and the cats were friendly! I was scared they’d all be sleeping or hiding, but they were out and some were playing. I find it’s a really cool concept, especially that they are all cats that are rescued. It gives the cats a home and people a nice place to go to. I’m telling you, being around pets is therapeutic!

Anyways, this is pretty much it for this post. I really loved this cafe and will for sure be going back another time! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, don’t forget to like it! If you have any suggestions of nice places to visit, please comment them down below, I would love to visit them. Also, don’t forget to follow the blog either via the WordPress platform or email. Thank you so much for reading my post until the end, it means so much to me!  I will be back next week, but between now and then, you can find me on my Youtube channel and on my social media, which is all linked down below!

See you soon,

Liee x

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