My High School Experience

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Liee’s Corner. These past few days, I’ve been reminiscing a little and thinking back on my high school years. I’ve been out of high school for nearly two years, but as a 19 year old, I’d say that those 5 years are a massive part of my life. That being said, I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on that period of my life so that you can get to know me a little better.

 Since I was little, I knew which high school I would go to, as I have a big sister, I knew I would follow her footsteps. Where I live, we have two high schools. One that’s a regular one and one that offers a special program (The international baccalaureate middle years program). I was in the second one.  I have to say, I’ve always had a pretty good memory and also have a pretty logical mind, so school has never been a really big struggle for me.

I’ve always been more on the shy side, it’s difficult for me to go towards other people. So going from primary school to high school was a big and scary step for me. Luckily, I did have my best friend that went to the same school as me. Before going in, we had to select a “program” we wanted to be in. We could chose arts, music or theater and a couple of times a week, we’d have that class. That choice would follow us for three years. The fourth, we got to reevaluate and change and finally, the fifth one we had totally different ones that included different kinds of sciences (physics, biology, chemistry) and different topics (psychology, sports, etc) We had to select at least one science class.

I remember the first day, everything felt so big, I got lost so many times. It didn’t take me long to meet new people, despite my shy personality, and a few months in, I had a new set of friends. Of course, when you’re 12, you don’t really know who you are and kind of just follow others. At least, that’s what I did. So despite all my friends being quite different from who I was, I followed and enjoyed their company. The first year wasn’t so bad, I had friends and the work load wasn’t too bad yet. In my program, we had advanced english classes, but as I speak english at home, it wasn’t an issue for me. At the end of the year, we had a small trip to Boston. It was really nice. Of course, as a 12 year old, it is awesome to travel with your friends, sleep in hotels and feel “free” and independent. We visited plenty of different known places such as the aquarium, the baseball stadium, we went on a duck tour, visited Harvard, etc. It was actually a really nice trip!






The next year, things got a little more difficult. I started to feel out of place pretty much everywhere. My grand father that I cared for a lot, to whom I was close, passed away and me and my friends moved along separate ways. On top of that, some people around me were really struggling and I took it upon myself to try to help them as best as possible. Even though I know the people I used to hang out with are very different from me and that I don’t belong with them, being pretty much alone and going through all that was pretty difficult. It definitely made me realise many things. School wise, that year, we had our first spanish class. It was fun for the first few and then got boring haha. We also had a medieval fair where we had to dress up and, as a team, talk about a specific subject. Mine was clothing I believe. At our school, it is like a right of passage, but at the time, it was pretty embarrassing to be standing there in our costumes. The year ended with a second trip, this time, to Washington. Despite the difficult year that went with it, I think it was one of my favorite trips. We had a lot of time to browse around museums and hang out in the sun. I’ve also always liked long car rides, so the very long bus ride wasn’t an issue!





The first half of the third year was also difficult. I started off the year without many close friends to go back to, which was kind of stressful. My grandmother also passed away at the beginning of November, 4 days after my birthday. All that to say, 2013 just wasn’t my year. As 2014 came along, I started to get back on my feet a little. I made new friends, and had a little more time to process and accept the passing of my grandparents. In our program, we often had team projects. Sometimes, we would have a project with different sections that we would work on in different classes. The teachers would plan it all together. One thing we had never done was do a project with people from other groups. In February, all the teachers had us go in the auditorium and presented a cooking project to us. For that project, they made teams of four, with a person from each group. That is actually how I met my boyfriend. As we had never been in the same group and didn’t have the same friends, we had never spoken to each other and hardly ever seen each other in the corridors actually. But we were put in the same team for that project and continued on speaking to each other afterwards. Here we are, three years into a relationship now! At the end of the year, we had our third trip which was a few days in New York City. We had a lot of time to shop around and also got to see a Broadway show. We had the option to go see Alladin or Rocky. I went to see Alladin and my my. It was absolutely amazing! We also walked the Highline and visited the UN! Anyways, let’s just way my third year ended better than it started!








My fourth year was a very busy one. In addition to going to school, I also had singing lessons, driving lessons, rehearsals for a gala that I was animating, etc.  School wise, I did good, I had the same group of friends that I had met last year, and officially started a relationship with my current boyfriend. That being said, although I had a lovely group and good friends, towards the end of the year, I was pretty overwhelmed and exhausted. In April, my mother booked us a trip to Cuba to force me to stop and take a break. I really needed it. That year, we didn’t have a big school trip where everyone participated, they offered a humanitarian trip and a trip to Europe, but you had to apply and only a small portion of the students were chosen to go. My trip was booked for the same week the other students left. That reassured me because I figured because many other students were leaving, I wouldn’t miss too much. We went to this cute little place in Holguin. At the end of the year, I got to be the animator for the seniors’ graduation. To me, it was a really big accomplishment as I am very shy and usually hate doing oral presentations. I was also a very big honor to have been selected to do the job with a fellow student.




By the last year, let’s say that I was ready to get out of there. For starters, I have never really liked school, but in addition to that, I felt out of place for most of my high school years. I didn’t think I was better than the other students, just different. I wasn’t into partying, I wasn’t out going, I didn’t like big gatherings and didn’t have the same interests. I got along better with older people and it made it really difficult for me to blend in with the other students. The last year was a lot of work and projects, but also made me feel quite nostalgic at times. Even though I felt out of place, I also found it quite sad to leave this place that had been my home for 5 years. I had gotten used to spending most of my time there, and I found comfort in being surrounded by the same people, even though I didn’t feel close to them. So although I felt a certain feeling of relief in getting out of there, I also did indulge in all those graduating traditions such as signing plenty of albums and reminiscing. I also had amazing teachers that year that I felt sad to leave behind. I had mixed feelings about leaving. Even though it felt impossible sometimes, I finished the year, and boy did it go fast. Before I knew it, I went to prom and then found myself on stage graduating. At that moment, I felt proud (of myself, but also of everyone else that was standing by my side), sad, happy, nostalgic. It was a very emotional night.




Even though my high school experience wasn’t the best, it definitely was memorable. It made me realise a lot and helped me grow. I think it’s a right of passage. Some people have it easier than others, but I feel like high school is a struggle for most. We are still trying to figure out what we like, what we don’t, who we are, who we want to be, etc. I probably would do certain things differently if I were to do it a second time, but I’m still happy with how I came out from this experience and what I have learned.

That is pretty much it for today’s post. It was a long one, but a fun one to write. It brought me down memory lane. Thank you so much for you support and for reading this post. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you did, don’t forget to like it and share it! Also, I would love for you to share in the comment section your own high school experience, the best part and the worst part. If you want to see more content like this, don’t forget to follow the blog either via email or the WordPress platform. I also have a Youtube Channel and would be ever so grateful if you could to give it a little love! I wish you the most wonderful week.

See you soon,

Liee x

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